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Composition of vacuum system

What are the main components of a complete vacuum system? There are many kinds of vacuum system equipment, but no matter which kind of vacuum application equipment, there is a set of exhaust system to sweep the gas in the vacuum container, so as to obtain the vacuum condition in the vacuum container. For example, the container used for vacuum disposal is connected to the vacuum pump through pipes and valves. When the vacuum pump empties the container, there is a vacuum measuring device on the container, which constitutes a simple vacuum pump system.

A simple vacuum system can only obtain vacuum in a low vacuum scale in a pumping vessel. When high vacuum scale vacuum is needed, high vacuum pump is usually connected with vacuum system in series. When the high vacuum pump is connected in series, the valve is usually added at the outlet and outlet of the valve.

High vacuum pump to adhere to the vacuum. Assuming that the high vacuum pump in series is an oil dispersion pump, in order to prevent a lot of oil vapor flow back to the pumping container, a drain valve and water cooling baffle are added at the outlet of the oil dispersion pump. According to the requirements, dust remover, vacuum relay head, vacuum soft connection, exhaust valve at the outlet of vacuum pump can be used in the pipeline to form a more perfect high vacuum system.

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

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