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When I was a child [сообщение #7443] Птн, 08 Ноябрь 2019 09:39
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When I was a child, I used to sit behind your bicycle. Without any fulcrum, I can only hold your shoulder. At that time there was no advanced transportation tool in the house, the only one was the bicycle. Young I am very curious about this "big monster", I always want to climb up and see, you see that I will always pick me up, take me out for a ride, the road is not good, the road is pitted, you are riding in front It is very difficult. The shoulders accompanied by the shaking of the car trembled, sweat filled your cheeks, feeling not too far, you were particularly tired at that time, circle and circle, the body's sweat temperature is exchanged. A boring journey, lazy, I will be sleepy, unable to sleep, and only the feet are unconsciously placed. The midday sun shines on my face through your sweat, and I add a bit of sleepiness. My head is also a little bit shaken with the bicycle, and the eyelids are closed in rhythm. Feeling a moment of pain will not prompt the prophecy, only blame yourself for not being careful, falling into the vortex of the wheel. When you noticed that my feet were stirred up, I immediately stopped the car and turned down to look at my feet Marlboro Cigarettes. The original innocent feet were pulled out of the blood by the wheels. I squinted and saw your face covered with crystal. Liquid, I don't know if it is sweat, or tears. When you get home, you can get the red potion Parliament Cigarettes. The shadow of the storage box covers your expression. Even if you are not smart, even if you are not young, you can see through your inner peace. You take out half a bottle of red syrup, carefully rubbing the medicine for me, the skin touches your warm palm, and the tearless but already wet eyes. Since then, you have never been riding the bicycle, just taking care of my feet. Finally, I took off the last layer of cockroaches. You said that you would take me to the children's playground. After the injury, I returned to the back of the bicycle for the first time. The old pedals touched the heartstrings. You deliberately ride slowly and slowly, chatting with me along the way, the scenery slowly drifting away, unconsciously, has arrived at the children's paradise, you just stopped the bicycle, I was pulled in. When I came back, it became quiet outside. From time to time, two cars passed by. Once you ride on the bicycle again mokingusacigarettes.com, we slowly set foot on the way back. The clear scenery on the road is the most serious and direct performance after you feel badly. The memories of the past, a little bit of the past, can not be forgotten, never forget that your love for me did not think that you can also write articles for you, it is better to use this article to tell you a secret, tell you, I also love very much.
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