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Vehicle tracking systems have revolutionized the efficiency and security of UK vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems provide all vehicle owners a sense of security that could not be reached a decade ago.

Vehicle tracking systems have revolutionized the efficiency and security of UK vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems provide all vehicle owners a sense of security that could not be reached a decade ago. They are simple Chuck Klein Jersey , dependable and often relatively cheap. Though not all systems are the same, even the most simplistic vehicle tracking system guarantees the owner peace of mind. Trackn is one of the premier vehicle tracking systems in the UK. A comfort for car owners and a lifeline for business owners, vehicle tracking systems offer improved security and efficiency alike. Trackn provides advanced tracking systems for personal and business use, helping all vehicle owners to make the most of their expenses. Business owners can constantly monitor vehicle location and speed, ensuring that one's employees and vehicles are where they should be Richie Ashburn Jersey , and allowing immediate redirection of vehicles, improving efficiency. With the option of tracking through wifi, global positioning satellites, standard messaging services or email, Trackn also provides updated customer reviews Jake Arrieta Jersey , allowing business owners to make immediate adjustments to improve customer service. The easy to use Trackn device can be implemented inside the vehicle, or simply programmed into a standard mobile phone. The Trackn vehicle tracking system is also an asset for personal use. Personal features include timed location alerts, child wristbands, a direct line to emergency services, and the capacity to create an electronic fence around children Aaron Nola Jersey , pets or vehicles. When the object is moved outside of the electronic fence, the owner is immediately alerted. The Trackn service even monitors the battery life of the mobile phone it is connected to, ensuring that the unmatched security of Trackn never runs out. GPS Mobile Phone Tracking: TrackN is simple to use, affordable tracking solution which installs onto mobile phones for Family or Business use. For details visit

When was the last time you spent excessive time and money solving a problem only to discover the problem you thought you had wasn't really the problem at all?

Recognizing the real problem is crucial to any problem-solving venture. John Dewey said, "A problem is half solved if it is properly stated." Below are two simple tools that can help you figure out the real problem behind the problem. One tool Andrew McCutchen Jersey , ask "Why" questions and a second tool, "change the Action Verb."

Ask Why?

Simply ask the question, Why? A man bought a pair of tan suede leather shoes. About a week after he bought the shoes, he was in the grocery store reaching to a top shelf for a container of cooking oil. Unfortunately, the screw-top of the oil bottle was loose and when tipped a big Rhys Hoskins Jersey , fat drop of oil fell right on the suede of the man's shoes. There, smack in the middle of the tan suede was a dark circle of oil about the size of a quarter. The man was beside himself because his new shoes were ruined. Before he tossed the pair, however, he would try to remove the stain. He tried dishwashing and dishwasher soap, bath soap J. T. Realmuto Jersey , laundry detergent, baking soda as well as various blends. The stain would not budge. The question, "Why do you want the stain out?" was asked. Ah, suddenly there were new possibilities. The reality was that the stain itself was not a problem. The fact that the shoes were not a consistent color was the problem. "How to make the shoes a consistent color" deserved attention. Quickly, there was an idea to put oil on the rest of the suede so the shoes would be one consistent color. Oil made especially for shoes was purchased and applied. It worked! The shoes were a little darker than previous but all one consistent color. The real problem was solved with minimal cost and minimal effort. The suede shoes are a good example of how considering why a "problem" exists may lead to an underlying issue and Maikel Franco Jersey , in turn, shine a new light on additional opportunities for solutions.

Change the verb

When considering problem solutions try changing the action verb. Changing the verb may open the statement up to a broader interpretation, resulting in a greater array of solutions. For example, I woke one recent morning and found my way to the kitchen in search of my usual fried egg white omelet. Every morning of a good day I have a fried egg white omelet. I cracked the eggs, separated out the yolks Bryce Harper Jersey , and put the whites in a pan. The pan went to the gas stove top. I turned the knob but was bewildered by the fact that no fire started. Then I saw it, a gas truck was parked in the alley behind my house. I spoke to the driver who informed me that a city worker had penetrated the gas line while digging. It would be hours before the gas could be restored. What was I to do? My fried egg whites were in jeopardy; my "good" day was at stake. I quickly looked around the room to see what other resources were available to fry my egg whites. I thought, "the coffee maker has a heating element." I could put the pan of egg whites on the coffee-maker. Unfortunately, the element did not get hot enough to fry the eggs. I looked around again. I spied a popcorn popper. I could use the bottom of the popper, put the eggs directly on the element and the eggs might fry. Success! The eggs did fry Jean Segura Jersey , the consistency was a little unusual and they did taste somewhat corny but they fried!

I was so excited about my creative problem solving skills. When my husband came home that evening I said, "Guess what I did today!" I eagerly told him of my fried egg dilemma and how I tried the coffee maker and the popcorn popper and ultimately was able to eat my fried eggs. He looked at me with a confused expression. Finally he spoke, "Why didn't you just use the microwave?"

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