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How to deal with the pollution of vacuum system [сообщение #7406] Чтв, 07 Ноябрь 2019 10:16
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How to deal with the pollution of vacuum system

Low vacuum devices, such as vacuum conveying, vacuum impregnation, vacuum filtration, vacuum monotony, vacuum degassing (liquid steel disposal), etc., require low vacuum pumping units with high working pressure and large exhaust volume. The main pumps of such low vacuum pumping units are commonly used reciprocating vacuum pumps, oil sealed vacuum pumps, water vapor radiation pumps, water ring pumps, roots pumps, etc. the low vacuum pumping units used shall also be in accordance with For the cleanliness, humidity or other special requirements of the extracted gas, necessary dust remover, monotone tank and other components shall be equipped. During the tightening process, water vapor will condense into water drops and mix with the pump to form a suspension, which will not only make the vacuum drop, but also rust the pump cavity and rotor, damage the sealing surface and make the ultimate vacuum drop of the pump. Therefore, it is very important to prevent water vapor from polluting the mechanical pump

The preventive measures are as follows: (1) select oil seal mechanical pump with air ballast; (2) stop the disposal of the mechanical pump oil mixed with water by oil loading separator, centrifugal separator or oil-water separator, and the disposed oil will flow into the pump for use; (3) use the single agent with strong water absorption; (4) use the liquid nitrogen cold trap, which can not only effectively absorb water vapor, but also prevent the mechanical pump oil from returning to the high vacuum chamber Oil diffusion pump vacuum system pollution and prevention and control of oil diffusion pump vacuum system is the most commonly used vacuum system. The range of vacuum degree obtained is 1.3 × 10-3 ~ 1.3 × 10-5 Pa. after long-term application, the common defects are that the vacuum degree cannot be pumped up, or the vacuum degree cannot reach the original limit vacuum level, and the oil vapor pollution of the vacuum chamber wall , pollution of various pollutants in the vacuum process. The prevention methods are: (1) clean the vacuum chamber regularly; (2) stop cleaning the oil seal mechanical vacuum pump and oil metal diffusion pump regularly

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