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Assembly of combined water ring vacuum pump [сообщение #7405] Чтв, 07 Ноябрь 2019 10:13
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Assembly of combined water ring vacuum pump

The assembling method of the combined pump is slightly different from that of the integral pump. Taking zb-65 small five piece rotary vane pump as an example, it is composed of high and low end cover plates, high and low pump cavity plates and middle diaphragm plates. The assembling sequence is as follows.

First, clamp the bottom of the middle diaphragm assembly upward on the long vise (100 caliber 220 mm long), and pay attention not to use too much force, so that the sealing faces of Liu are squeezed out. When clamping, two pieces of block iron (about 10 mm thick) less than the thickness of the pump assembly shall be padded. Because the high and low rotor shafts of this kind of pump work synchronously by engaging each other through the cross joint at the end of the shaft, so when assembling, first install the high vacuum pump cavity group on the side of the pump wheel. The specific method is to install the rotating plate and spring into the high rotor groove, then squeeze the rotating plate into the pump cavity, and then insert the shaft end with convex head into the shaft hole of the middle diaphragm, and then insert the shaft seal hole on the end cover plate Align the rotor shaft and insert the bolt to fix the high-end two groups of pieces on the middle diaphragm, while tightening the bolt, rotate the installed pump roller. When the bolt is not too tight, tap the end cover with a small hammer to make the rotor and the pump cavity naturally diagonal (at a right angle), and then firmly tighten the bolt. However, it should be noted that when turning the pump wheel, there should be no blocking sense, and then install another low vacuum end; low rotor shaft end cross The groove shall be connected with the convex head of the high rotor extending through the middle diaphragm. After the low end cover is installed in the same way, it shall be fixed tightly. Similarly, tap the end cover lightly with a hammer. Finally, tighten the bolt. At this time, it shall take a lot of effort to rotate the pump wheel at first. After a few weeks, one hand shall rotate, but there shall be no partial wheel weight block. Then, dismantle the two end covers again, and take out the rotating pieces by hand Rotor, carefully observe whether there are even line scratches on the rotor, if so, it indicates that the assembly is appropriate.

If there is a section of black and bright line at one end of the rotor, it is necessary to further check whether there is taper at both ends of the rotor or the pump cavity. If the two ends are the same size, it means that the angle between the rotor and the pump cavity is not right, and the rotor is installed askew. According to the position of the black line on the rotor, the correction effect depends on the actual operation experience. After the installation is dangerous, tap the end cover, and then rotate the belt pulley with both hands to see if there is any local pulley If there is no trace of light scribing on the rotor after it is removed, it means that the rotor does not lean against the pump cavity at all. At this time, raise one or two threads of the laminations at both ends of the middle diaphragm (this is only necessary to enlarge the holes of the four corner fixing bolt), so that the pump cavity and the rotor are tightly closed. If no other defects are found, apply shellac solution at the sealing joint to assist in sealing, and finally install Oil test and pumping test.

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