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Sitting on the balcony [сообщение #6289] Чтв, 15 Август 2019 11:09
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Sitting on the balcony and basking in the sun, I remembered some things from childhood. I didn��t tell people that when I first laughed, my mother used to beat children. It��s not an understatement to scare, but a real fight. But in the winter, even if our sister-in-law made a big mistake Online Cigarettes, she would endure it. Crying in the winter, tears streaming down, hanging on the face, the wind blowing, the skin on the face is easy to chapped, itchy and painful, is this the reason why the mother does not hit the child? The mother did not say, she just said: "The sky is cold, the heart is cold, how the days are crying in the winter, chilling, will feel more cold, and the chilling and cold weather superimpose each other, will form a vicious circle. Mother is not in winter Playing children Cigarettes Online, do not want children to cry in the winter, is to let the children warm winter. How to warm winter? In addition to adding cotton, cotton shoes, warm body and hands and feet, but also let the heart warm, not let sorrow When he talks about the relationship between people and people, he compares people to porcupines. He thinks that porcupines need to warm each other. I think this season of warming each other is about winter. Cold days In the heart, the mutual comfort of the soul, so that each other is warm, very comfortable, received a greeting card in the winter, it is a thin piece of paper, like a red leaf, imagine it can burn, instantly enhance the surrounding Temperature. A blessing text message can also make people read the spring blossoms. The cold makes people feel mournful and kind. At the same time, the cold can also evoke the love of the same kind of love on the street. The red with cold hands, a few coins into the beggar's bowl broken, then grabbed her mother, said earnestly: "cold days, to money, he would cry! I am afraid! "How innocently scared! What a precious fear! Is she still hurt after she is afraid of pain? Is she afraid of the catastrophic superposition of the snow? I am also afraid to hear crying in the winter. I used to be on a snowy night, At the door of a supermarket, I heard a woman crying sadly. After a few years, the crying has always disturbed my dream. In my heart, crying is the deepest wound in winter, tears are the coldest river in winter. Winter is just as important as a good spring. In the face of cold, learn to imagine charcoal fire, imagine a fireplace, imagine what can burn, imagine the source of light and heat, and make your cheeks red, warm, and steamy through the winter. Autumn, On the Internet, I met a seriously ill girl, and we had exchanges between them. I provided her with a little help. In the winter, I received a greeting card from her. The greeting card is a small poem: tears. / Is the injury in the eye / I will not cry in the winter / Even the spring / not good to me / and the previous winter / I have warmly spent the cold days, need Warm through the winter, we need to have the right temperature inside to be able to enjoy the snow, enjoy ice hanging, Qianshan bird must enjoy the mood to enjoy those icy beauty Marlboro Red.
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