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Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch hands-on

Bremont London has just announced a new "entry-level" model called "Jaguar MKIII" in their Bremont Jaguar watch collection. This new car-themed watch features the popular Jaguar MKI and MKII watch models from BbtoWatch, which was launched earlier in 2015. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII will feature a slightly slim case and a simpler three-hand automatic movement. In some ways, it is the simplest and most exquisite Bremont Jaguar watch .

Bremont's relationship with the British Jaguar began a few years ago and was consolidated as Bremont established a close relationship with Jaguar's design director Ian Callum, who is a great person to chat. In 2014, Bremont launched the limited edition Jaguar MKI, which was launched as the “Bremont Lightweight E-Type Chronometer” with a very unique new Jaguar Lightweight E-Type. It should have been completed in the early 1960s. Bremont made a watch for each of the 18k white gold case.

The previously limited edition Bremont Lightweight E-Type watch became the first movement of the Bremont Jaguar MKI, including the first movement produced in Bremont, and the rest was from Swiss La Joux-Perret. The MKII is a dual-registration chronograph. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII now offers the same dial, inspired by the original Jaguar E-Type dashboard, equipped with three watch dials that last for hours, minutes and seconds. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch also has a date window, as does the Bremont Jaguar MKI, but interestingly, the original limited edition Lightweight E-Type Chronometer did not. More importantly, MKI's movements are more unique, but the results are several times more expensive.

Bremont was asked to produce a more accessible Jaguar watch model, as was the case with the Bremont Jaguar MKIII best replica sites. In many ways, as a car-themed watch, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII plays the same role as Bremont Solo (reviewed here) in Bremont. As an aviation watch, it is a reliable three-watch watch. Other watches are more affordable than the models in the brand catalog.

In this article, you'll find hands-on images of the Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch, as well as pictures of Bremont's own 1960s Jaguar E-Type MKII, where you can see the inspiration from the dashboard instrument. Like the MKI and MKII watches, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII features a 43 mm wide hardened steel case. The Bremont Jaguar MKIII is also slimmer than other 13.85 mm thick Bremont Jaguar watches, which makes it smoother on the wrist. The case's dial is adorned with a dome sapphire crystal that is water resistant to 100 meters.


The Bremont Jaguar MKIII watch has a Swiss ETA movement, adjusted and modified by Bremont to the BE-36AE movement, operating at 4 Hz and power reserve for 38 hours - a movement that can be found in other Bremont watches. The movement has been tested at COSC and certified by Chronometer. As a more basic model, the Bremont Jaguar MKIII has a sturdy bottom cover with a vintage Jaguar logo and an “E-Type” label to remind the wearer which specific car will inspire the watch in the future. design. In my opinion, this is important because I think watchmakers should add more elements to their "theme watch" to let future generations know the whole story.buy replicas watch

The details of the Bremont Jaguar watch are exactly what we really appreciate - such as the tire tread texture on the crown, as well as the well-made dark blue calfskin strap and the "sports porthole". Our David, who wears the Bremont Jaguar MKIII in these photos, likes the simple elegance of the dial, which makes the watch a comfortable everyday wear, however, it allows the wearer to see the "red line" color on the dial. Car style.

Although these are clearly dual-brand watches with the names Bremont and Jaguar on the dial, they are inspired by the retro world of Jaguar, not the modern world of Jaguar. I think eventually Bremont and Jaguar may launch some very interesting models to comment on contemporary car design. When we visited Bremont, we lingered in the modern F-Type R and agreed that these are cars for watch lovers. Working with Bremont makes sense for the legendary Britons (the current parent company is Tata, but Jaguar still exists, more or less, independent of what they want) car manufacturers. For the time being, all this is to appreciate the beautiful old car, the seat is narrow, there are few safety considerations, and there are many characters.quality replicas watches

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