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It��s summer afternoon, the sun is no longer roasting like a cat, like a cat lazily nestled on the balcony seat, next to a cup of freshly brewed tea, a touch of fragrant overflows along the mouth of the cup The heat came, it was refreshing. A piece of yellowed paper slowly unfolded, and the writing on it was a bit old, but it was still clear, as warm as it was first seen Newport Cigarettes. Rereading this long-lost letter again, the feeling of passing away still beats my heart, banging to the university, six years of lush years, I and her have written countless letters to each other, pure friendship You are constantly warming up the letters that come to me, and the words will be written down carefully at the end of each letter. This is a kind of promise and guarantee, and it is also the cherish and perseverance of the pure heart to friendship Parliament Cigarettes. Every stroke, every painting is so pure and solemn, burning like a group fire in the sky of my girlhood is far away, far away from the volatility of the mood, the joy, the injury The sensational, mourning... has become blurred in the passage of time. However, it has existed in reality. It has been filled with my own youthful and bright students. The statistics of the students have been counted. How many letters were written in those years, and how many letters they have received, but each A letter is a story, bearing different friendships, emotions and hearts, recording the sweetness and sincerity of a friendship road. I used to collect these letters together, but many years have passed. After several relocations, most of the letters have already disappeared. I don��t know how to trace them. Now I have only a few memories that I have exchanged with my best friends at the time. At that time, whenever I saw the green figure of the mailer, I couldn��t hide my joy. The heart that I was expecting was violently jumping with the green Marlboro Cigarettes. It is not right to say that we are in trouble. It is only in the junior high school that is as light as Qingshui. In the three years of junior high school, the two pure hearts are gradually leaning against each other because of understanding, respect and appreciation. Finally, we become the other party's knowledge. In high school Newport 100S, we separated by entering different schools. The letter became the only way to communicate with each other. The letter that was filled with sincerity and yearning was to connect our young mind to the edge of time and space Cheap Cigarettes, and to send a sincere greeting and warmth. . Every time in the dead of night, I wrote back in a lonely and yellow light. Every punctuation wanted to be exquisitely drawn. The heart is incomparably serious and sincere. I have already separated from her. There is almost no intersection after work. The once hot letter with the disconnection of the link is also like the broken kite disappearing in the distant air. Maybe it's too busy, maybe their lives are neglected because of the integration of more elements, maybe there are other reasons. In short, the letter of our friendship is really over, ending in the era of increasingly diversified communications. Perhaps, when various communication channels and channels are overwhelming, we instead believe that a distant word for modern people is like water for those who have used letters as an important part of their lives. Gentle and true existence. When the letter becomes a nostalgic, when the phone and the network replace the handwriting of the warmth, the feelings that need to be delicately described and felt with the heart and the enthusiasm become hard, and the sensuous ingredients are continuously reduced or even disappeared. The tea is still permeated in a small space, the memory gradually returns to the cage, slowly lifting the eye and looking out the window, the sky before the dark night is extraordinarily lonely, the ethereal distance, I seem to see the slightly embarrassed girl face Come to me with a smile. I am a little confused, not drinking, but a little drunk, the cool mood of the time is gradually shrouded in my heart. Falling, the city's light points lit up. This kind of night is always fascinating. I was just thinking that another night was carefully folded in half, stored, and the fingertips still had its breath, which was a different kind of taste. Only I can understand.
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