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If life is a parabola, then I am at the height of it. If confusion is a life attitude, then if successful people have us, they are all alive, some people are happy, some people are troubled by happiness, and their troubles come from desires and desires. The people are running hard, running and tears dripping down the real world. They are highlighting every blank paper that has just stepped into the society. They are the Prince of the Family at home. There are also a group of friends and friends in the school who can��t be without them. When I started to be violent, I began to smack some of my mouth to the roar. The roaring sound was burning their internal organs. It was very painful. Afterwards, they were adapted to the world, forced to accept the disdainful attitude, and humblely alive. Walking dead, they become not them, it seems to be just for work. After eating for many years, they are tired. They don��t want to have a fast food on a busy day. They only have a keyboard to work. The human mating starts from here and the time. Like the net, people are captured. Red dust is also like a fence that traps people. Life has to endure and spend the years of hardships and setbacks, and it has to be a quiet heart in the red dust, so that you can easily walk through the prosperity and turmoil in the world. What is life like, like a string of old piano sounds, like a night of tea, like a leafy boat, also like a long-lost departure. Some people, from the time they have set their goals, have begun to walk and work without stopping. The mountains and rivers that have passed through have not noticed. The pedestrians passing by have not intersected. They have only found out at the end of the journey. They have been walking for so long and have been spinning around. Sometimes, the process is really more important than the result, such as the road of life, such as a love that is forgotten. The four seasons are changing, and the time is rotating. Four seasons, Chunhua month, Xia Lin winter snow. The time is on a leaf, from tender green to yellow. Written in a spring water, turned from dust to waves. Everything and things, under the turmoil of time, cannot be static, and they are either slowly or rapidly changing Newport Cigarettes Coupons. After a while, you will suddenly find that everything around you is familiar and unfamiliar. The memory seems to have been covered with a layer of smoke, and then trying to imagine can not restore their original appearance. Everything seems to have slipped away from my mind, and then I began to hide and disappear. After a year, there will be one day, you will suddenly want to see a person and go to a place, there is no reason, ignore the cause and effect. Perhaps in the midst of it, there is such a person, a place, waiting to meet you. It is not because the past life has not been completed Parliament Cigarettes, this life must have a cause and effect Marlboro Lights. It is not because the promise of this life is not allowed, this world must bury the cause of the miss. Just as a person who believes in a Buddha, one day will open a lotus in his heart, not deliberately, just the nature of the rules, I like the moon, and there is a cold light. He is lonely again, hanging alone where he is quiet, silently looking at the earth, remembering a period of time. If you have waited for the darkness and the weather, you will have you in the middle of the period, or you will be alone in the window, or you will be alone in the courtyard Cigarettes Online, or you will be sitting on the floor, all You have suffered sad things, waiting to talk to the silent month. The month slowly takes over all your loneliness. You know you better than anyone, because he has the longest time with you, because he sees you as a bystander. I like rain, with a kind of Turbid gas. Not that he is not clean enough, but because he carries too much emotion. When the tears ran, it was raining, there was a faint coolness in the rain, and it was able to invade the marrow and sprinkle on the body, feeling the same. Rain is the best tool for tears, crying in the rain, rain to make a foil for you, dripping into a soup in the rain, rain gives you the best annotation. You don't need to be gentle, you don't need comfort, you can do it yourself. No one will see you, don't feel embarrassed. I like lotus, a kind of awkward posture, not low eyebrows, not pleasing to the eye, not bending over, showing the glory in the low place, and showing the Zen in the ordinary. When I was a child, the pond in the village was full of lotus flowers. A burst of wind blew, the lotus in the pool was filled with waves, and a row swayed in a row. At this time, I felt that the years were quiet. Slightly older, I have been to some temples, perhaps the problem of the season, and I have met with a pool of ruin. The residual load also has the beauty of the residual, as well as those who have experienced the world, and there is a kind of temperament. I love lotus because I believe in Buddha. There is awareness in the lotus, there is self in the lotus, you can find your own posture in the lotus in the pool, the lotus in the pool is like the real portrayal of your whole life, the moon, the rain, the lotus, but in life Three kinds of objects, one to keep you alone, one to cover your grief, one to solve your heart. Just like a love, moonlight squats, there is joy, grief, in the rain, it is sad, heartbreaking, outside the lotus, there is confusion. Let us be grateful for these things, thank you for giving us the most powerful hugs on the road, someone waving to you, accompanying you for a while, then separately at the corner. There are scenery waiting for you to stay, giving you a beautiful experience, and then you still have to move on. Some people and things are sinking in the heart, and in the clear moonlight, the time of the palms is quietly spread out. Those times Marlboro Red, such as tea, like a piano, if a boat, where is it, sneak away
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